A few weeks ago, I got married, and Glory kind of felt like my twin bride (not as creepy as it sounds). We got married 2 weeks apart and I loved that I got to experience so much wedding happiness in such a short amount of time. Zach and Glory were married in their hometown church in Rochester, MN and though it was freezing, the whole day had such an easy feeling about it. Not to mention they, and everyone involved, were real troopers when it came time for outside photos. There is something about having God at the center of everything that is happening on your day that just makes it feel even more special. Thank you for being such an open, honest and loving pair, Glory and Zach. Keep loving each other, everyone around you and God. Cheers! 

PS. Thank you Liz Brumley for being THE BEST at what you do. I love shooting with you. Always. 

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