Sam & Sarah have such a fun, cute story leading up to their marriage, and I loved hearing little tidbits of it all day. Sam & Sarah met while attending their church in St. Paul, MN, and were told multiple times they should date by their friend, which they apparently didn't entertain until after X-amount of times being told they should get together. On November 17, Sam & Sarah were married in the very church where it all began for them, and it was such a beautiful moment to see all the people they loved and who loved them come together in God's house worshipping and witnessing such a holy union. When shooting weddings, I love to get a glimpse at who the couple truly is, and being able to hop around to where they had their first date, to where they met and finally where they became man and wife was not only special for me (and Lily, my second), but to every single person who was involved. What a wonderful day to be a part of, and I am so happy that I was able to take part.

PS. Thank you, Lily Kuhne, for taking the day to second shoot! You're so talented

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