Lucas & Vanessa - Ellie Malynn Photo

Whenever I get to return to Chicago for any reason it feels like a treat. Andrew and I get to see our friends, hang out at our old watering holes and try the newest restaurant in our old neighborhood. Lucas and Vanessa's wedding came at the perfect time for us, and the photos were worth the trip alone. I've known Vanessa since my freshmen year at college when we went on a missions trip to India and became fast friends (mainly due to the fact we both felt like we were thrown into a world we knew very little about and bonded over our trying to navigate). And just like I remembered back then, Vanessa still had her humorous sass that felt familiar and fun. Lucas and Vanessa have a great compliment to each other. Lucas has that sweet side that showers Vanessa is admiration, and Vanessa backs it up with sarcasm and great commentary. You could see throughout the day why they work so well together, and I am nothing but happy my India buddy found her best friend and life partner. The midwest misses you both, but I know that wherever you move to together, it will be met with lots of great memories, fun and growth. So much love Lucas and Vanessa!

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