I really can't rave enough about Johan and Amie. They are kind, sweet, a little sassy (more Amie and Johan), incredibly grateful and overall just wonderful people. It's been a hope of mine to shoot a wedding on the North Shore, and I finally was able to do that this past weekend. Though the day was unseasonably warm for Tofte, MN, it really worked in our favor and really felt fitting for the two of them, as they are both just such warm people themselves. Johan and Amie made me feel like part of their community, and I am so thankful for that. Some of my favorite moments of the day were Amie seeing Johan for the first time (I teared up a little), the sun coming out from behind a cloud RIGHT as Amie walked down the aisle, Amie's sister (Ellie, though not me) and her mom wearing sun glasses whenever they started getting a little teary, Amie's dad's speech during dinner, and watching Johan and Amie just living their best lives dancing at the end of the day. What a day. What a wonderful day. I couldn't be more thrilled that you chose me to take part in your day, you two, and SO many happy memories and blessings in the future. 


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