Ethan and Ellen got married on a rainy day in May, and although the weather conditions weren't ideal, none of that bothered either of them. The whole day felt easy and full of love, but it was often that tears snuck up on us all. Ethan and Ellen, both being from the midwest, were moving not long to another state for Ethan to work at his dream company after they took their honeymoon, and it was hard not to think about the whole day. Ethan is my cousin, so thinking about him and his (incredible) new bride moving was a reminder that life is always changing and moving, and sometimes that's part of growing up. Our family has always been really close, and little by little, we are starting to find that our own paths lead somewhere else. Ethan's brother, Aaron, also made it home from the military to join in the festivities, and to see everyone back together again was such a rare treat. All in all, Ellen, we are beyond thrilled you have joined our crazy and loud family. Ethan has such an obvious love for you, and vice-versa, and we already can't wait to see you both again. Cheers to this next exciting, a little scary, and wonderful chapter in your life together. 

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