So many teary moments for me (and everyone else) at Dallas and Tessa's wedding. Being married myself, weddings are such a constant and beautiful reminder of your own marriage and the partner that you have in your life to love and support you, and Dallas and Tessa's wedding gave me all the feels and emotions I felt on my wedding day.

Dallas and Tessa were married on a warm day on September 17 at The Farm at Dover in Wisconsin in front of their closest friends and family. Tessa comes from out east, while Dallas is a true Midwest boy, and they met a little while into their education at North Park University in Chicago. First friends, then romantic interests, Dallas and Tessa fostered their love of Star Wars, Harry Potter and other fantasy tales with each other, and carried that into all the details of their wedding and beginning of marriage. Seeing how they incorporated these stories of fiction into their real lives gave even more magic to the day and gave their closest circle of people a connection to how their paths had formed into what it had become.

Seeing the testament of Dallas and Tessa's community was such a warm sight to see. And let me tell you, from vows to speeches to the worship chosen for the day, I bet you everyone got a little weepy at least once that day, including me. 

Here's to many years of pursuing each other and Christ in your marriage, Dallas & Tessa. 

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