Christian admired Haley from the beginning of her freshmen year and has never quit pursuing her. He was just as smitten by her then as he was on their wedding day. Hearing their story from family members and those so close to them was such a sweet reminder of the reason why we gather and celebrate something as sacred as marriage. I've known Christian and Haley for a few years now through school, and it felt like such an honor to be the one to be involved in their day like this. North Park (where I went to school with Haley and Christian) weddings have a certain feel about them I can't quite explain, but every one I've been to has so much community and love and admiration. Christian and Haley's was no exception. From the beginning of the day to the end it felt like one big reunion, and I was so thrilled to witness the start of their lives together. Christian, I will never forget the way you looked at Haley as she came down the aisle, and Haley how you were so visibly excited to finally marry your man. Here's to another North Park wedding in the books, and here's to many happy and exciting years together!

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