BRANDON AND OLIVIA OH MY WORD (insert fire emoji here)! I've known Olivia for years (I'm talking elementary school), and to be able to take part in her most joyous day marrying Brandon was such a blessing to me. Brandon and Olivia were married on September 3, 2017 at the John P Furber Farm and it was beautiful. From the community Brandon and Olivia have, to the flowers (big shoutout to Thistle and Blooms), the whole day felt easy and whole. Brandon hails from out east, while Liv is from here in Minnesota, and even though they grew up states away, their upbringings were Christ-centered and full of love, and that was all evident as we witnessed the beginning of their unity as man and wife. Brandon and Olivia are kind, funny, beautiful ( I mean HELLO) and show a great love for Christ. I think community is such a great testament to who a couple are and to see all of the people that surrounded Liv and Brandon on their day really showed who they are together and just how much their community means to them. We all love you so much Brandon and Olivia! Please come back and visit as often as you can!! 

PS. THANK YOU to Michael Ek for being a killer second shooter!

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