Austin & Sarah - Ellie Malynn Photo

Austin and Sarah are my favorite. They not only make one of the most likable couples I have ever come across, they are also really great friends to each other and everyone that surrounds them. If you met Austin and Sarah, you would walk away feeling like you had just made two new really awesome friends. I went to high school with Austin, and later met Sarah through Austin and our mutual friends. Sarah and I quickly bonded over the fact we were missing our college friends, but I felt assured that I had made a new friend after that first meeting. The wedding day of these two was not only thoroughly enjoyable, but even though I knew only a handful of people, I felt right at home with everyone that attended. Austin and Sarah married in a beautiful old church in Wausau, WI, and then made their way to their reception at a local golf course where there was an obvious spirit of happiness and excitement. I think it says a lot about you when the people that surround you are so welcoming, and it's an even further testament to what your marriage will be. God has really blessed you with each other, Austin and Sarah, and I am just beyond thrilled I was there to witness the beginning of it. 

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