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When Ellie was in first grade, her teacher, Miss Washburn, instructed everyone to color a picture of a fisherman that had been handed out. Instead of simply coloring the page with solid colors, Ellie took it upon herself to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. She lined the black lines with different colors, shaded each shape in carefully and with depth, and used unconventional colors for the water and hair of the fisherman. Miss Washburn took this as a sign of defiance and gave Ellie a 2/10 (don't worry, Ellie still has a deep respect for Miss W). Although this was not considered a success in Miss Washburn's eyes, Ellie took it as a sign of great success and knew she had an eye for design. Since then, Ellie has tried her hand in photography, logo design, package design, set design, interior design, videography, sound and other forms of art. Now in St Paul, she has found herself being able to explore the city and draw inspiration from not only the city, but also from her home in the country. While there is a lot to be learned about photography and the world of design, you must start somewhere, and first grade is a great place to start.

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